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Give your physicians back their valuable time, boost patient volumes and productivity while reducing costs > read more

Our virtual scribes listen into patient encounters via video conferencing from our offsite location giving you the ability to cut down on time spent with documentation and focus on your patient interactions. Within minutes of the appointment, you will have detailed notes from your conversation with patients entered into their charts. In turn, physicians will be able to see more patients and patient satisfaction will increase due to a more personal visit.

HotButtons VirtualScribe

HEDIS/Revenue Chart Preparation

Focus on quality and revenue-producing services using our robust and flexible indexing system to comprehensively manage medical records > read more

Our indexing system helps manage medical records through pre-visit chart preparation focusing on quality and revenue producing services such as:

  • Outstanding physician orders from prior visits
  • Obtaining outside medical reports, including hospital discharge reports
  • Noting past due clinic services:
    • Annual wellness visits/commercial physicals
    • Diagnostic tests (PFTs or EKGs)
    • Lab work (HgA1c and microalbumin)
    • Cancer screening compliance (colonoscopy/mammography/PAP)
    • Review previous office visit notes to see if outstanding orders have yet to be completed
    • Immunizations

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Insurance Authorizations

Reduce workloads through prior authorization while physicians and staff remain in the loop regarding approvals or denials > read more

NPB can provide staff trained specifically in obtaining insurance authorizations for advanced imaging, DME and high-cost pharmaceuticals. We work off orders placed by providers, staff and secure authorizations and message your staff with information related to approval or denials. NPB also has extensive experience with compiling patient information needed to electronically transmit patient data to specialists when outbound referrals are made. Information included in referral transmission could include recent office visit notes, lab results, imaging results, reason for referral, patient demographics and insurance information.

Our staff are trained in electronic prior authorization systems including:

  • eviCore
  • Tricare
  • AIM Specialty Health
  • UHC
  • RadMD

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Medical Billing/Coding

Hand off patient enrollment, verification, billing and reconciling of accounts, accounts receivable collections, denial management and coding > read more

NPB has years of experience billing medical services for not just primary care, but all types of specialties, procedures and services. We can provide practices with the following services for any commercial insurance plan or Medicare:

  • Patient enrollment
  • Demographic information
  • Insurance information
  • Verification
  • Insurance verifications
  • Authorizations
  • Coding (ICD-9/ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS
  • Billing and reconciling of accounts
  • Charge entry
  • Cash posting
  • Reconciliation
  • Accounts receivable collections
  • Insurance collection
  • Patient collection
  • AR follow up and collections
  • Denial management

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Medical Records

Concentrate on patient care, knowing records are up-to-date and compliant > read more

NPB has extensive experience in managing inbound and outbound medical records processes. This includes the incorporation of e-faxed medical records into the patient chart within the EHR. We also offer full scale medical records management. This could include:

  • Managing inbound electronic fax cues and taking appropriate action:
    • Identifying the type of record (MRI report/specialty consultation/hospital discharge/home health order/etc.)
    • Importing the record into the EHR with appropriate categorization to the folders within the patient’s chart
    • Routing the document to the provider or nurse team for sign-off/action
  • Bulk record management
    • Abstracting bulk records of documents completed in the office for uploading to the appropriate folder within the EHR
    • Updating demographic information
    • Updating immunization records or other documents with clinical information that the patient brings to the clinic
  • Special projects
    • Do you have a special project that requires time-intensive management of documents or data within your EHR or Practice Management system? We can help with any document or data organization needs that you may have whether ongoing or ad-hoc.

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EHR Migration - Data Reconciliation

Feel confident in the accuracy and integrity of your clinical information > read more

Data migrations and reconciliation require an enormous amount of time and attention to detail. Often, handling this internally can lead to substantial time commitments for numerous employees. EHR systems contain important patient information and accuracy with migration is essential. Handing this responsibility to NBP ensures our experts take extreme care of your patient information, reduces errors and frees up your workforce to focus more on internal efforts.