AdobeStock 404455806Upon engagement, NPB will begin to recruit and hire suitable employees for the specific needs of your practice. This usually takes around 2-3 weeks to get the team together. Once your team is assembled, we will provide them with standard healthcare security training which will include HIPAA and IT security instruction. A team lead will be assigned to your practice and will be responsible for the oversight of the work and will evaluate the performance of the team. The team lead will be your go-to person for all operational needs.

From the practice side, once we initiate our partnership we will have you provide instructive documentation related to the relevant workflows being assigned to our team members at NPB. We will ask that you commit time to train your NPB employees on your unique internal workflow to ensure a seamless transition. As your needs continue to evolve and additional employees are onboarded, our team, as well as the team lead, can take on portions of the training as we become more well-versed in your processes. Finally, we will work together to create reasonable and attainable targets for productivity (i.e. 90 medication refills per day, 60 charts abstracted per day, etc.)